October was another busy month for the engineers, pilots and operations staff of 29(R) Squadron. We bid farewell to the pilots of OPCON5. The graduates are; Sqn Ldr Gordon Lovett (3 sqn), Major Doug Miller USMC, Flt Lt Ed Morris (6 sqn) and Flt Lt Jamie Norris (29 sqn). Refresher course 8, consisting of Air Cdre Gav Parker and Wg Cdr Richard Wells, also completed training.

The squadron engineers have also been busy this month. In addition to normal flying operations, 29(R) provided 45 personnel to support the ATLC exercise that took place at Al Dahfra air base, UAE. The engineering team included personnel from all aircraft trades and was lead by Flt Lt Cat Ward, FS Paul Maddock and FS Steve Angel. Upon completion of ATLC, members of the team will proceed to Dubai, where they will support the Typhoon display at the Dubai Air show.

During the week of October

9-14, 29(R) hosted Grp Capt Simon Blake and Sqn Ldr Andrew Tagg, from Central Flying School (CFS). The command invited the CFS representatives to evaluate instructor standardization. During their stay, the CFS representatives attended ground school lectures, completed two simulator sorties and flew the aircraft on a CONVEX profile sortie with a QPI in the rear cockpit. The CFS representatives provided valuable feed back to the instructors and gave 29(R) a solid endorsement on instructional standardization.

It was not all work for the month; social events included a stag dining in/out night hosted by the RAF Coningsby Officers’ Mess on October 14. The Squadron welcomed our new OC A, Sqn Ldr Ewen Robertson and OC MSF, Sqn Ldr Phil Poole. We also dined in Flt Lt Ian Broatch, Flt Lt Nick Hill, Flt Lt Jamie Norris, Flt Lt Mark Pocock and Flt Lt Alex Vaughan. On a more sombre note, we said our goodbyes to our Executive Officer, Sqn Ldr John Miekle. We wish him the best in his future endeavours and thank him for his service and leadership.

No doubt November will be another busy month for 29(R) as we continue to deliver the task.


Lt Heath Hoppes, USN