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International Defence Rugby Union World Cup Australia

After years of planning, 2011 saw the opening year of the International Defence Rugby Union World Cup. The International Defence Rugby Competition (IDRC) was created to run in cohesion with the World Cup, therefore take place wherever the World Cup venue is. […]

Rum Dance 06/11 9th – 16th Sep 2011

  Imagine the green radio that you had seen for the first time 5 days ago came to life? Imagine the voice at the other end was calling your call sign? Imagine that this time you were glad you’d paid […]

Slogging Again!

The Boston Slog consists of four events running simultaneously: The Iron Man – A 14-mile cycle from RAF Coningsby to Boston and a 14-mile run back. The Cycleman – A 28-mile cycle from RAF Coningsby to Boston and back again. […]

The Dads Done Good

On a mild August Wednesday lunchtime, the gauntlet was  thrown down to the GEF Senior Ranks to participate in a battle of the ranks: 5-a-side football against the junior members of the Flt. Although nervous at first, the challenge was […]

RAF Coningsby Equitation Club

The RAF Coningsby Equitation Club is a small but friendly club that aims to foster an interest in all things equine and actively encourage personnel to give horse riding a try. You never know, you might enjoy it! Each year […]

Hockey Championships 2011

Earlier this year, the RAF Coningsby Hockey Team took part in the Royal Air Force Inter-Station Championships.  Although they didn’t bring home the trophy, they did work hard, played some great hockey and did themselves proud. Day 1: First Match […]

Surfing and Mountain Biking in Cornwall

In June, the RAF Waveriders Association (WRA) kicked off the summer season by introducing five MSC personnel to the challenges and rigours of one of the world’s most exhilarating sports. The course was organized and run by ex-RAF Cpl Mark […]

RAF Coningsby Team at RAF Sailing Regatta

Between the 6th and 10th June 2011, 7 teams took part in the Royal Air Force Sailing Association (RAFSA) sailing regatta in the Solent. Sailing the Joint Services fleet of Victoria 34’s, teams varied in experience, from complete novice to […]

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