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3 (F) SQN Update

3(F) Sqn’s Operational Deployment to Gioia Del Colle in support of Operation Unified Protector ‘Op ELLAMY’ 24th June to 24th September 2011   At 1pm precisely, on the afternoon of Sunday 20th March 2011, the skies of Lincolnshire resounded to […]


It seems a long time ago since XI Squadron deployed to Italy to fly missions over Libya in support of the UN Security Council Resolution 1973. I can hardly remember the Station Dining-In Night on March 18th (OC XI’s Dining-Out Night) […]


After much needed post operational deployment leave, it is down to earth with a bump and the inevitable change in personnel at No 7 FP Wg HQ. After a busy and eventful tour to Kandahar (KAF), it is with much […]

3(F) Sqn Update

As we enter the New Year, the recent period has seen a challenging yet rewarding period of flying operations at 3(F) Squadron.  The final months of 2010 focused on Exercises in the UAE, Oman and India, as detailed in the […]

29(R) Sqn Update

The 2011 Typhoon Display Season Current Typhoon operations in support of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 have put display flying on hold for the moment.  Despite this, the Display Team from 29(R) Sqn is continuing to work hard to […]

XI Sqn Update

Royal Success in The United Arab Emirates XI Sqn deployed to India during October and November 2011; on the way home they were asked to complete another Detachment in UAE called Exercise AIR KHANJAR, with Typhoons flying alongside UAE M2000s […]

7FP WG Update

Our last ‘onetoone’ submission saw the Wing HQ heading into the New Year maintaining a high tempo of operations at Kandahar Airbase (KAF) to ensure the continued security of the airbase and the local area. Kandahar is a complex Air […]

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