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BBMF in the winter months... One to one online

BBMF in the winter months…

Now, contrary to popular belief , be hind the closed hangar doors here at BBMF, we don’t just lounge in the T bar watching DVDs of the glorious displays we have performed in the summer. The winter is just as […]

Coningsby Motorcycle Club One to one online

Coningsby Motorcycle Club

Yes that ’s right; I think we’re awesome ! I know it ’s a big call , but I reckon I can back it up. Our members choose to ride machines of transportation that deliberately allow the elements access to […]

41Sqn UPDATE One to one online


FLT LT ERIC LOCK – POSSIBLY THE GREATEST BATTLE OF BRITAIN PILOT YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF. Recently, as part of the anniversary of the Battle of Britain, members of 41 Sqn were privileged to attend a memorial to pay their […]

29(R) SQN UPDATE One to one online


29(R) Squadron has always played host to a lot of visitors throughout the year. From Rugby World Cup winning captains (did we mention we took Richie McCaw flying?!), to foreign dignitaries and work experience students, regardless of who comes, the […]

3(F) Sqn Is Awesome One to one online

3(F) Sqn Is Awesome

Once again, the past few months have been extremely exciting on 3(Fighter) Squadron. Since our return from Malaysia at the end of October 14 our main focus has been the delivery of UK Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) as well as […]

Exercise Luxembourg Wings Remembrance Weekend 2014 One to One magazine

Exercise Luxembourg Wings Remembrance Weekend 2014

On a glorious October morning, 15 personnel from Dept h Support Squadron (DSS) departed RAF Coningsby to attend a ceremonial and engagement event at the Royal Air Force Associations (RAFA Luxembourg Branch) Commemoration weekend 2014. The RAFA has over 400 […]

Boston Slog One to One magazine

Boston Slog 2014

RAF Coningsby Logistics Squadron (LS) held its annual charity ‘Boston Slog’ road race on 25 Sep 14. This marked the 27th consecutive year the event had been held with funds raised through sponsorship being donated to the British Heart Foundation, […]

Cadet Bushcraft weekend One to One magaine

Cadet Bushcraft Weekend

Thetford Forest 6-7 September 2014. Earlier this year I was approached by FS Paul Fido to ask if I would be interested in leading a bushcraft weekend for the RAF Coningsby (17 Sqn) Air Cadets. A weekend away, living in […]

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