CO’s Cup 2011

After a fantastic year of sporting competition, the 2011 CO’s Cup was won by BSW for the second year running; all 12 events were extremely well attended which was particularly impressive given the Ops, Dets and workloads of our personnel faced. A short summary for each of the events follows:


Thursday 27 Jan.

This was the first event in this year’s competition, with all but one team attending, the winners were 17 Sqn with 41(R) Sqn following closely in second place.



Tuesday 15 Feb.

The second event also saw the majority of teams entering with BBMF taking first place, C4I second and 41 Sqn third, positioning them on the top of the leader board for both events.



Thursday 17 Mar.

When it came to basketball, they were relieved to have the assistance of Cpl Godwin, an experienced umpire who refereed all the games.  17(R) Sqn were again victorious, with 29(R) Sqn nibbling at their heels only 2 points behind.  41(R) Sqn were still sitting at the top of the leader board, however, the lead they had from second place was closing fast.



Wednesday 20 Apr.

This event coincided with Op Ellamy and therefore a large proportion of the teams did struggle to field full teams.  GEF took the opportunity to show their strength and stamina by taking first place, followed by SEF and yes, you guessed it, 41(R) Sqn.  SEF played their joker and therefore jumped 17(R) Sqn in to overall second place with 41(R) Sqn remaining on top.




Tuesday 24 May.

This event is commonly known as wet and wild for a very good reason!! Again, only half the teams were able to attend but those that did made the most of it and enjoyed (!) themselves.  With half the team canoeing for stamps and the other half running around Tattershall lake doing the same, it was a sight to behold! 41(R) Sqn kept their winning theme taking first, MSC/TSC were second and TTF third.  The overall winners were still 41(R) Sqn, SEF second with BSW starting to make their appearance in the top 3.



Monday 13 Jun.

Racket Sports saw 14 out of 18 teams entering with BAE playing their joker and being victorious, BSW were second (even without their RAF tennis players in attendance!) and 29(R) Sqn third.  41(R) Sqn had finally lost their winning streak, they were however, still in the lead with 198 points.  BSW moved from third to second place and were well set in their pursuit of first place.



Thursday 14 Jul.

For those that attended, you will undoubtedly agree that this was a great success. The day ran smoothly with minimal bumps and crashes resulting in a very close leader board.  29(R) Sqn took the winners podium only 1 lap ahead of 3(F) Sqn with BBMF taking third.  41(R) Sqn were still overall top!



Monday 12 Sep.

Another fantastic event achieving 100% team attendance.  In gale force winds, some really excellent football was played by all the teams.  Some heated games towards the end were expected, leading to an exciting couple of Semi’s and Final games.  Ultimately, LS took the title with BBMF and DSS following.  After 9 months of competition, SEF threw 41(R) Sqn off the top of the leader board by a mere 8 points and BSW were now only 4 points away in third.



Friday 30 Sep.

One of the only events that saw all teams fully fielded.  A 4-mile run along local roads and riverside saw the runners in MSC/TSC taking first place, 17(R) Sqn were second and FSS third.  SEF remained on top, but only 8 points ahead of BSW.



Wednesday 31 Oct.

This was a fantastic effort from those that attended.  A special mention should be given to the 3 representatives from LS that managed the event alone, their limbs must have been feeling it later! MSC/TSC were again first, BSW second and BBMF third. MSC/TSC dislodged SEF off the top of the leader board, BBMF were second and BSW third.  All points were very close at this point so it was anyone’s Cup!



Wednesday 16 Nov.

A fantastic attendance from all but a couple of teams with the added attractive of drinks in the Heros Bar!  It was commented that it was “the best Quiz in years”, though it was Cpl Dave Hankinson that said that and he created the quiz so you’ll have to make your own minds up on that one (!?).  C4I, SEF and BSW were placed in that order… some might say phones were used to Google – PEd Flt say integrity!  MSC/TSC was firmly making a play for overall first remaining top of the leader board.



Wednesday 7 Dec.

16 out of 18 teams attended which made for a very successful event to finish the CO’s Cup year off on a high.  BSW won followed by BAE and 3(F) Sqn.  Leaving it late and coming up on the proverbial rails, the overall winners were BSW!  Who said it was the scribbly Wing?