Editor’s Foreword – Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth edition of onetoone for 2011, a lot has happened since the last edition but it is good to see that some of the fruits of the labour of our people have been recognized at the highest level. The Secretary of State for Defence stated in his RUSI speech in mid-July, that, “For some time now we have relied on Typhoon to defend the UK and our dependant territories”, (but as Op ELLAMY has demonstrated), “Now Typhoon has truly come of age”.

He also observed that it is, “the human underpinning of the RAF – the commitment, talent and technical understanding of the men and women who serve”, that gives us our competitive advantage. This edition underlines some of the commitment, technical understanding and talent that our people show on a regular basis.

The XI Squadron article gives some ELLAMY highlights and I look forward to an update from 3(F) Squadron for the next edition. Other articles covering things such as, Parky’s MBE, PC Smith’s Commendation, various other awards, charity successes, community engagement activities, our top chefs and youth awards, add colour and weight on the same theme.

It is certainly undeniable that RAF Coningsby continues to be a vibrant and exciting place to serve. I am currently working with the publishers to realize an online publication of the magazine; this will be a complement to rather than a substitute for the hard copy version.

As a reminder for anyone considering submitting an article, they can be up to 8000 characters in length but most seem to fit in the 1000 – 4000 characters bracket (200 – 800 words). As a guide for comparison, this Foreword is approximately 2,300 characters long. Ideally a word document is the best format to use although hard copies sent through the post to me will be accepted. Photographs should be separate of the articles as I need to send separately to the publisher. In order to meet the publishing deadline for Issue 5, articles should ideally be sent by e-mail to CON-BSW 121 Editor by 16th September 2011. The address for postal submissions is: OC Forward Engineering Squadron, RAF Coningsby, LN4 4SY. Please keep the articles coming to make sure that, within our extremely busy working lives, we continue to find time to highlight the achievements of our people. I look forward to your submissions.

Sqn Ldr Gareth Howells