Background The changing CBRN threat and improvements in technology have necessitated a replacement for the S10 respirator which, although still effective, has reached the end of its planned Service life.

The GSR was accepted into Service in Aug 10 and will be introduced at RAF Coningsby from Nov 11.  The current S10 Respirator will be phased out and all RAF personnel must be fully trained in the GSR by Apr 14.

Station Personnel Conversion
The conversion for Station personnel will involve a 1 day course and will include initial issue, initial training, drills and confidence testing. Courses are conducted monthly at the FP Trg Flt and it is imperative that the trg is fully supported to ensure that all RAF Coningsby personnel are converted to the GSR by Apr 14.

The plan is to conduct 4 courses per month with 36 personnel on each course with courses starting in Jan 12. That obviously means 144 personnel can be trained each month.  It is also imperative that Stn Personnel secure a place on a conversion course as soon as possible to help the overall push to getting all stn personnel trained; contact Ext 7329 (FP Admin) to secure a place.  Note that personnel will be issued their GSR at the Stn FP Trg Flt when they attend the conversion course.

Op HERRICK Personnel

Use of the GSR in theatre is effective from 1 June 2012.  Therefore, those personnel deploying on Op HERRICK prior to that date will deploy with their S10 respirator, not the GSR. For those who are due to deploy on Op Herrick after 31 May 12, you will deploy with the GSR and will be required to attend a GSR conversion course prior to completing Individual Pre-Deployment Training (IPDT).

Corrective Lenses

Corrective lenses for GSR are held in place by carrier slots inside the GSR face piece.  The process for obtaining corrective lenses is as follows:

• Appointment with Unit Medical Officer (UMO) to raise F Med 79 and MOD Form 640.

• Individual referred to optician for prescription.

• Individual returns to UMO with prescription.

UMO forwards prescription to the corrective lens supplier at least 21 days prior to individuals’ scheduled GSR training.  The procedure is as follows:

• Upon completion of the F Med 79 form the UMO reproduces 3 copies of the form.

• One is retained for medical records and the remaining 2 should be faxed or posted to the GSR corrective lens supplier:
Fax: 0044 (0) 20 8861 1075. Post: Brian Lever, JB Fashions/Revel International Ltd, Unit 1, Lexus House, Rosslyn Crescent, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 2RZ.

• Lenses made and issued to individual.

NB It is essential that lenses are fitted by CBRNIs at initial issue of GSR.


The timeline for Station conversion to GSR is as follows:

a. Jan 12 – 144 personnel converted each month on 4 courses of 36 personnel.

b. 31 May 12 – All Op HERRICK personnel to be converted to GSR.

c. 6 May 13 – S10 Respirator training ceases on Station.

d. Apr 14 – RAF to be fully GSR converted

If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Flt lt Dave Black, OC FP Training Flt, ext 7575.