Do you know your QoL from your LiG – and what it can do for you and your mates?

Are you sat in a magnolia coloured office with a creaky old tea bar next door, wondering why the sports facilities are not the best?  Then you need to be aware of what Quality of Life funding can do for you, your mates, your Flight and Squadron.

In the past year, the Stn has secured funding and delivery for a whole number of projects which have benefitted and improved the work space and accommodation right across the Stn.  All you need to do is complete a Statement of Need and send it to Works Services Flt.

Last year Quality of Life and Local Initiative Grant funded, amongst other things –

• A brand new Astroturf – now you can play on the very latest 3G surface.

• A refurbished changing room in the Fitness Suite – no more missing shower doors.

• 3 new bike shelters – no more rusting bikes.

• Refurbished Utility Room in the Officers’ and WO & Sgts’ Mess – the rest to follow this year.

• 18 new JR bed spaces in Baxter Close – more choice of accommodation.

Both pots of money are held by Air Command and each year OC Stn Services Sqn and the Works Services Flight team seek Statements of Need from across the Stn to identify a prioritised list of works which could benefit from the funding.  These funds now help to plug the gap between the legal and the ‘desirable’ needs of the buildings, SLA and hangars that we all work or live in.  It’s all about the ‘nice to have’ things such as re-decoration, a new bike shelter or the refurbishment of crew rooms, tea bars and sports facilities.

With the DIO already heavily tasked with delivering millions of £s worth of work to keep the estate legally compliant and operationally ready, taking on our additional Quality of Life projects is always going to be a challenge, but it’s one which the Stn has a proven track record of overcoming. In fact, 18 separate projects worth over £300,000 were carried out in key areas across the Stn last year, with £345K invested the year before, and a similar amount planned this year, including a new Sports Store.

For Junior Ranks, the biggest single project was the conversion of the old Baxter Close houses into sparkling new Single living Accommodation (SLA), which provided much needed bed spaces and a choice of accommodation.  For SNCO’s and Officer’s, improvements to Mess facilities have also provided a much needed boost to morale.  From water fountains to changing rooms, improvements have taken place across the Stn and are set to continue during the current Financial Year.  With the latest bids for QoL and LiG funding in the final phase of approval, we can all look forward to more projects over the coming months, each of which will brighten our lives that little bit more.  For the sake of a little paperwork, we can ensure improved living and working conditions for all.  For any information on completing Statements of Need for QoL or LiG funded projects, please call either OC WSF on Ext 7117 or FS WSF on Ext 7706.  OC SSS on Ext 7207 is also available for advice.