RAFA Branch Visit

On 4th October the RAF Coningsby’s RAFA committee organised their biggest annual station visit to date.

With over 80 RAF Veterans and Ex-Servicemen/women in attendance from the local RAFA branches including an invitation to the members of RAFA HQ to provide them all with an insight into the life of RAF Coningsby personnel and to build a greater relationship between the station and the local community. The group were taken to various sections around camp to get a better look at our daily working lives, these included Air Traffic Control, Fire Section, SERE, 41 Test & Evaluation Sqn and they ended the day with a display by the RAF Coningsby Police Dog Unit who demonstrated the dog’s skills at taking down a would be assailant and their powerful canine noses, sniffing out drugs and other paraphernalia.
The day also included a lunch in the officer’s mess, where they had a meet & greet with the RAF Coningsby Station Commander, Group Captain Baulkwill, who was kind enough to spend time going from table to table for one on one time with the guests and finishing with a group speech which all of the guests were thrilled about.
The day was also an opportunity for the RAF Coningsby RAFA committee to present a cheque for £200 that they had raised for the Boston RAFA Association towards the funding of a memorial stone, which is placed at the entrance to the Boston War Memorial Garden, in commemoration of the pilots and aircrew who were either captured, injured or killed during the Battle of Britain.
The cheque was presented by the Boston RAFLO’s Cpl John Bryce and Cpl Dave Holmes to the Boston branch president Mr Alec Wilson who was supported by various members of the branch including the branch secretary Mrs Sue Kirk.
The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and went off without a hitch, with all RAF Coningsby Station RAFA members who helped out on the day receiving great praise and sure promises that everyone would come back again next year to learn more about the daily life of RAF Coningsby.

SAC John Bryce