Slogging Again!

The Boston Slog consists of four events running simultaneously:

The Iron Man – A 14-mile cycle from RAF Coningsby to Boston and a 14-mile run back.

The Cycleman – A 28-mile cycle from RAF Coningsby to Boston and back again.

The Cycle – A 14-mile cycle from Boston to RAF Coningsby.

The Fun Run – A 14-mile jog from Boston to RAF Coningsby.

October once again saw the sportier members of the RAF Coningsby community punish themselves on the Annual Boston Slog. The Boston Slog is organised by members of the Logistics Squadron Charities Committee with the aim of raising funds for worthy charities; this year those charities were Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation. Now in its 24th year, the event held a field of 52 competitors featuring several hardcore veterans determined to improve on their previous year’s times.

The first leg of the event from Coningsby was started by OC BSW at 1100hrs and saw competitor’s cycle off in the direction of the Boston Stump. The pace of the competitors was surprising to some, particularly to me, as I almost missed their arrival at the Stump due to traffic! The first competitor completed the 14 miles in just over 37 minutes and very shortly afterwards the remaining competitors began to flood the alleyways of Boston. After a quick spruce up the competitors readied themselves for the 1300hrs start for the return leg back to Coningsby. The Mayor of Boston, Councillor Mary Wright kindly agreed to start the race and after a quick photo with the Mayor, the runners joined the cyclists in the race back to base.

A toot of the air horn by the mayor saw the cyclists set off at a blistering pace with Mr O’Rourke winning the Cycleman event for the 6th occasion in an overall time of 1:17:52. By 1400hrs only runners remained on the course; SAC Robinson of LS blitzed the field completing the 14 miles in a time of 1:22:27, winning the “fun” run in the fastest time ever recorded! He was closely followed by OC SEF, Fg Off Fi Taylor who, at her first attempt, became the first lady to win the Iron Man event in an impressive time of 2:26:18.

At the back of the field, in the best traditions of the RAF, competitors showed grit and determination to complete the course despite injuries and fatigue. They were closely followed for the last 5 miles by the Ambulance from Lincolnshire Emergency Medical Response, who kindly agreed to provide medical cover for the event.

The event was a huge success on two fronts; the excellent weather allowed for some impressive times from an increased number of participants. More importantly, initial estimates suggest that we have raised in excess of £1000 for two life changing charities. Clearly the organisation of an event of this nature requires significant planning and coordination; as such I would like to thank all those members of LS and the Station who gave up their time for this worthy cause. Particular acknowledgment must be given to the efforts of SAC Coxon who assured the success of the event through his diligent organization. This year’s event complete, planning will soon get underway for next year’s Slog; as it will be the 25th anniversary of the event it is sure to attract a strong field, albeit it is clear that hard training will be required to wrestle the Iron Man crown from our new Iron Lady, OC SEF!



OIC LS Charities Committee


The Winners:

The Iron Man – Flying Officer Fiona Taylor (RAF Coningsby) – 2hr 26min 18sec.

The Cycleman – Mr Chris O’Rourke (BAE) – 1hr 17min 52sec.

The Cycle – Leading Aircraftman Thomas (RAF Marham) – 55min 14sec.

The Fun Run – Senior Aircraftman Anthony Robinson (RAF Coningsby) – 1hr 22min 27sec.