With the summer over and a successful Operation in support of the Olympics behind us, it is time for me to say farewell.

This is my final edition of one-to-one and by the time this edition hits your desk, I will have completed hand over of command of RAF Coningsby to Group Captain Johnny Stringer – he is a very lucky man!  It is fantastic to see that whilst the individual stories are different in my last edition of onetoone, the theme is no different from the first edition I had the pleasure of introducing; RAF Coningsby remains a vibrant, busy and strong community that is full of life and has much to be proud of.  It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the RAF Coningsby team and to witness the innumerable achievements of the individuals, the sections and the community as you have risen to all the challenges that have been passed to you during my tenure.  I have no doubt that this will continue and that you will go from strength to strength over the coming years, particularly as Typhoon assumes more responsibility for the RAF’s Fast Jet operations.  Thank you all for the support that you have given to your friends, families and colleagues and in particular, for making my time as one of your team so memorable.  I wish HQ 7 FP Wing a safe and successful tour on Operation HERRICK over the forthcoming months and for the Typhoon Force, continued success as you tackle whatever the future may bring.

Gp Capt Sammy Sampson