The RAF Judo Association in conjunction with Horncastle Judo Club (where numerous personnel from Coningsby including dependants train) put on a series of Judo demonstrations at the RAF Waddington Airshow.

There was a stand publicising the RAF Judo association and Horncastle Judo Club with numerous leaflets being distributed by RAF Judo Squad members in their Judo Gi’s (Judo Suits). Although the demonstrations had to be curtailed on the Saturday and Sunday due to the weather they were a great success and many members of the public were taken through their breakfalls and shown how to do at least one throw.

RAF Coningsby personnel taking part in the display were FS John Sinclair, Sgt Richie Lloyd, Cpl Tina Foster, SAC Aiden Mitchell, SAC Alex Fedyszyn. In addition there were various RAF dependants from Coningsby including Matthew Birchall, John Charlesworth, Sam Gair, Jack Gair, Billy Lloyd and 14 year old Rachel Earle who time and time again showed how to use Judo as a very effective form of self defence when she impressively and dramatically dealt with a number of large assailants (all black belts) who were trying to take her sweets.”

If you are interested in participating in Judo at Coningsby contact FS John Sinclair on ext 5516 or e-mail him on CON-1Gp-ITOC-A6-FS (Sinclair, John FS).


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