Warrant Officer Stephen Brown has been the Officer Commanding Engineering and Logistics Wing’s Warrant Officer at RAF Coningsby since August 2008 and is now retiring after 37 years service in the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Avionics Technician. He joined the RAF in August 1975 and has had various tours including 30 MU Sealand, RAF Leuchars, RAF St Athan, RAF Waddington, RAF Wyton and  RAF Coningsby.

He said “I have enjoyed being in the Royal Air Force and am privileged to be leaving at the top rank of the RAF as a Warrant Officer.”

Warrant Officer Brown is a keen keep fit fanatic and runner and is taking part in the half-marathon Great North Run in September. Also, for the last four years, he has ran the Edinburgh Marathon and next year he will run both the London and Edinburgh Marathons.  Warrant Officer Brown has been married to Sue for 32 years and retires on the same day as their wedding anniversary; they have two sons David and Michael and will continue to live in Lincolnshire.

Warrant Officer Brown hands over the reigns to Warrant Officer John Elkin who has arrived from RAF Benson who is a keen cyclist; no respite on health and fitness training for members of Eng and Logistics Wg!