On Tuesday 9 July, Depth Support Squadron had the honour of saying farewell to WO Pete ‘Woody’ Wood after 38 years of loyal service in the Royal Air Force.

After a farewell chat and a photograph with the Station Comander in the morning, ‘Woody’ got the opportunity to salute the ensign at 1800 on his last working day in front of the Sqn and people he had worked closely with from around the station. After a few words and a formal ‘goodbye’ he was escorted across to the SWO’s office, where members from the Flt had positioned an aptly themed ‘Woody’ outfit for him to get into. Although the trousers proved to be slightly small, he had no issue with getting up onto the cavalry horse ‘Wombat’ that was waiting outside to carry him through the main gate and off Station for the last time. With the road route-lined by members from Depth Support Squadron, he was carried off in style whilst still hammering the guys with pointers about standards and other general banter – true to form as always!  Special thanks to the SWO for all his help with coordinating the event, and to Cpl Sian Kiszczuk from TTF for providing and escorting the horse.