2012 was a good year for 29(R) Sqn with the timely graduation of (most of) OpCon14 course just in time for Christmas.

The year had seen a period of consolidation for the Sqn and some notable personal achievements.  Flt Lt Mark Wilson and Chf Tech Steve Taylor were honoured with AOC 1Gp Commendations and Station Commander’s Commendations were awarded to Sgt Jase Fisher, Sgt Rob McGee, Cpl Jim Carroll, Cpl Dev Deveson and Cpl Rhys Jefferys. 

The Sqn is delivering a new course for Typhoon pilot training early this year which should provide the front-line sqns with more tactically capable new pilots. As always, the turnover of staff continues with the arrival of Mike Mason, Mark ‘Pokers’ Pocock, Ben ‘B-Dubz’ Westoby-Brooks and Marc ‘Stuka’ Wilson as new QPI’s. We say goodbye to Rich ‘Scally’ Halpin, Rob ‘Shampoo’ Sampson and Reuben ‘Reubs’ Chomondeley-Smith who are off to the ‘south-side’. Also leaving is Wally ‘Andrew’ Walton after many thousands of hours of OCU instruction to join BAE Systems. The new generation of Typhoon pilots will still be able to benefit from his expertise as he is not moving far away – just as far as TTF. Good luck Wally.

The Sqn is looking forward to a busy 2013 with plenty of courses programmed, a potential push to Akrotiri in September and maybe another physical challenge like last year’s 600in6 cycling and rowing epic. For those who missed the event – it comprised 17 Sqn personnel, 11 riders and 6 support crew, riding 600 miles in 6 days from Coningsby to the Rafale OCU in St Dizier, France. The team rowed the distance of the Channel on rowing machines whilst on the ferry with some strange looks but much support from the other passengers. On 15 Jan OC 29(R) Sqn hosted representatives from both charities at Coningsby for the day and handed over cheques for just over £8500.

Continuing the sporting theme, the Sqn will also have a large contingent at this year’s Lincoln 10k race on 07 April. Please be generous if you are asked to be a sponsor.

What is for sure is that the Boss won’t be running or playing 5-a-side football for a while due to breaking his Achilles tendon at an informal mid-week game at Cranwell in January. Well done Boss for driving home before the extent of the damage was diagnosed, and not blubbing. If anyone has a spare mobility scooter, please let him know.

The Typhoon display will be delivered by 29(R) Sqn this year and the season kicks off in Malaysia. Jamie ‘Nozza’ Norris will be at the controls and he has a dedicated team of support staff from the Sqn to help run the displays. You can watch the Typhoon at its limits throughout the summer around the UK.