29(R) Sqn UPDATE (Jun/Jul/Aug 2012)

Another extremely busy 3 months on Coningsby’s finest Sqn.

During the months of June, July and August we have graduated:

Refresher course 11

(Sqn Ldr Billy Cooper (3(F) Sqn), Sqn Ldr Garry Stratford (29(R) Sqn))

Refresher course 12

(Wg Cdr Flewin (1(F) Sqn), Sqn Ldr Andy King (3(F) Sqn))

Refresher course 13

(Wg Cdr Mike Baulkwill (6 Sqn))

OpCon 10

(Flt Lt Giles Croft (3(F) Sqn), Fg Off Drew Durrell (6 Sqn), Capt Kevin Williams USAF (29(R) Sqn), Flt Lt Stefan Wurwal (6 Sqn))

OpCon 11

(Wg Cdr Townsend (3(F) Sqn), Flt Lt Mark Coram (6 Sqn), Sqn Ldr Sam Cowan (6 Sqn), Flt Lt Simon Taylor (6 Sqn))

We wish everybody the best of luck for the future!

To replace our outgoing pilots we are pleased to welcome:

OpCon 12

(Sqn Ldr Lewis Cunnungham, Flt Lt Dan Jones, Flt Lt James Skinner, Flt Lt “Fiddy” Nilson RAAF)

OpCon 13

(Flt Lt James Fordham, Flt Lt Oli Fleming, Fg Off Scott Holliday-Stevens, Flt Lt James Spoor)


The past 3 months have been a particularly eventful period for 29 Sqn. The Sqn have sadly had to say goodbye to 2 instructors. Firstly Wg Cdr Rog Elliott leaves us upon promotion and Flt Lt Mark Pearce leaves the RAF after a full career to pursue a new career in the airline business. We wish them both the best of luck for the future…you will be missed.

June saw Flt Lt Norris deploy to 1435 Flt in the Falkland Islands…just in time for the snow to arrive and the heating to fail. This combo resulted in little time in the air and lots of time in the Goose, huddled around the only electric heater available.

As well as continuing to turn the handle of the OCU sausage machine we have also found time to support 100 Sqn’s 95th anniversary celebrations and the QWIC enjoyed a week of heavy weapons training at RAF Lossiemouth.

Sqn personnel have enjoyed a busy social calendar and would like to thank our affiliated members, the Paviors of London, for sponsoring a Hog Roast/BBQ during August. This proved to be a very successful evening with an excellent turnout from the Sqn.

Looking to the future, we would like to shamelessly advertise a massive feat that our personnel will be carrying out. By the time this issue has reached print, 11 of our Sqn members (pictured) will have cycled 600 miles from RAF Coningsby to French Air Force base St Dizier in 6 days. If this wasn’t enough they will also row the distance of the channel on 2 Concept rowing machines whilst “beating” the ferry across the water. They are being supported by a team of 6 people from 29 Sqn who will get to know the more intimate areas of their colleagues derrières more than they might wish.

The exercise is a Force Development Staff Ride but the team are also hoping to raise money for 2 very worthwhile charities; Alzheimer’s Research and Cancer Research. Donations are still very welcome. For details of how to donate please visit www.600in6.co.uk

On that note, I am off to rub myself down in chamois cream and commit myself to what is, inevitably, going to end in my hospitalisation!

Until next time…

Flt Lt Jamie Norris


Editor’s Note –

The 29(R) Sqn 600in6 personnel just before they set off on their marathon cycle ride

to St Dizier in France. The event, organised by Flt Lt Bobby Winchester, involves cycling 600 miles in 6 days, stopping at sites of historical interest to 29(R) Sqn. The team are also raising money in support of Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer’s Research UK. Please visit their

website www.600in6.co.uk for further information.