7FP WG Final Preparations

7FP Wg recently completed its final preparations before deploying to Camp Bastian in October on FP duties as part of Op HERRICK 17.

The final training exercise and mission rehearsal took place during August at RAF Honington and at the nearby Stanford Training Area.  The HQ Element, 15 Sqn RAF Regiment and No.2 Tactical Provost Sqn were all exercised in their respective areas of responsibility including dismounted patrolling, airfield defence, control of entry and deliberate planned operations.  Personnel also undertook training in media facilitation for both local and national media representatives.  In a visit to watch the troops in action, Gp Capt Sampson said it was good to see how cohesive the team was and that he was satisfied the Wg was well prepared for its role in Afghanistan. 7FP Wg deploys with our best wishes for what is sure to be a challenging, interesting and varied tour and we look forward to their safe return next year.