…Baxter Close. Okay so it’s a little later than originally advertised but Baxter Close will soon be ready for occupation as Single Living Accommodation. Read on to find out what it’s all about?

Some wheeling and dealing between the Works Flight and Air Command back in 2011 helped free up some Quality of Life funding for the refurbishment of 4 houses in Baxter Close, which for the uninitiated are located opposite the Main Guardroom and behind the Station Guard Force accommodation. Whilst the London riots of August 2011 may not have spread as far as Lincolnshire, you could have been forgiven for thinking that Baxter Close was involved in some way, shape or form. A frankly derelict and uninhabitable block of houses which even the London arsonists would have probably taken a ‘what’s the point’ attitude towards, Baxter Close is finally reaching the end of what has been a protracted, but at least worthwhile construction process.

And if time has been an issue on this project then its brethren cost and quality have not. The completion of the Baxter Close refurbishment will provide an additional 16 rooms at a cost per bed space which SLAM programmers would likely stare green-eyed at. And if width is not your bag and quality is, then the finished standard is exceptional in both function and form. By the time we have all returned from the Easter grant it is hoped that 16 of those personnel currently outside of the wire in Substitute Service Single Accommodation will be making their way into Baxter Close, a legacy of those with the insight to forward plan and the tenacity to get ‘stuff’ done.