On the 24th February 2012, CT John Malthouse, Typhoon Maintenance Facility RAF Coningsby, became the first member of the Royal Air Force to hold a BAE Systems Cat C authorisation following a period of intense training and assessment.

The Cat C allows John to formally accept aircraft into Depth Maintenance, authorise Engine Ground Runs and ultimately sign the Certificate of Maintenance which clears the aircraft for flight within the BAE Systems MAOS accredited organisation. John’s success is a symbol of the effective partnerships that have been developed with BAE Systems and RAF personnel.

Within Depth Maintenance, the Cat C role is an essential part of the airworthiness of the aircraft.  At the end of the maintenance activity, the sign off by the Cat C certificate of maintenance is formal acknowledgement by the Part 145 organisation that all work required has been carried out in accordance with approved data and by authorised and competent personnel.  Coupled to this, the Cat C has responsibilities for high risk activities, such as release for engine ground runs post maintenance, ensuring the aircraft is in a condition that will not compromise the safety of the groundcrew or the serviceability of the aircraft.

John’s training was a period of intense study understanding engineering policy, orders and procedures within a Maintenance Approved Organisation Scheme (Part 1: MAOS Military Regulations Part 145: Maintenance Organisations). This standard establishes the requirements to be met by an organisation to qualify for the issue or continuation of an approval for the maintenance of military aircraft or components.  This training is on top of successfully completing a BEng (Hons) Aircraft Engineering Degree with Kingston University and 5 years on-type experience.