The RAF Coningsby Combat Shooting Team recently returned from Group Operational Shooting Competition (GpOSC) 2012. This year ‘the elements’ added to the difficulty of the competition & it was reportedly the wettest competition in the past 12 years. The competition is held annually at NRA (National Rifle Association) Bisley and tests the Firers’ marksmanship skills over ranges of 500 metres to 10 metres from the Prone, Sitting, Kneeling and Standing positions. The matches are shot using the 5.56mm Individual Weapon and 9mm Service Pistol wearing Service Issue kit, including 7.5kg Combat Order PLCE and full ECBA. Held over 4 days, the Firers’ are put through their paces shooting and ‘advancing to contact’ (running down!) on Gallery, Electronic Target and FIBUA (Fighting In Built Up Areas) ranges. This year the team achieved 4th place in 1 Group for Service Rifle with SAC Gary Martin achieving 3rd in the 1 Group & Air Cmd Pistol Tyro Competitions. The team will be severely depleted for the next competition, RAF Operational Shooting Competition in June/July when SAC Martin will be the sole representative for RAF Coningsby & compete among 90+ firers for the Champion Shot of the Royal Air Force. The experience gained from competitive shooting is invaluable in disseminating new practices and procedures from lessons identified from combat experience in Afghanistan. Thanks go to all involved in assisting the Station team to compete in the competition especially the staff in the Station Armoury & Force Protection Training Flt. If you would like information about Combat Shooting, please contact CT Barlow ext 6287 or Sgt Guard ext 6587.