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Coningsby Motorcycle Club

Yes that ’s right; I think we’re awesome ! I know it ’s a big call , but I reckon I can back it up.

Our members choose to ride machines of transportation that deliberately allow the elements access to their persons rather than cocooning their modern bodies in cages of steel, glass and airbags. This doesn’t make us reckless or mad; it makes us feel alive in a world of safety. Some people believe motorbikes are bad and that they kill young men before their time, which tragically can occur, but it’s not for the reasons you think. I’ll get to that at the end…

Coningsby is in a unique area of the country with access to some fantastic roads. Many motorcycle magazines base themselves around Lincolnshire as they can easily get to superb routes through the Lincolnshire Wolds,  the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales, as well as the world class Cadwell Park race track. I do admit that some of our roads are fairly poor and very busy (I’m talking about the A153) but these lifeless commuter arteries are not what makes Coningsby shine.

Modern sport bikes are now so incredible at what they do, riders can feel tempted to do ludicrous speeds to get the same speed thrill they remember from doing 50mph on a scooter. Sweeping corners become exhilarating hairpins at 100+ mph, and hedge lines bear the brunt on a regular basis. But Lincolnshire roads are different. If you pick the right route they are tight and twisted with the odd straight to overtake Mrs Miggins on her weekly shopping trip. I have had many enjoyable rides ducking between the hedgerows without ever going over the speed limit. So what else makes Coningsby

Motorcylce Club awesome? The club has a garage that serves as a dry workshop as well as winter storage to keep one’s ‘pride and joy’ in top condition. It acts as a focal point for social activities and the odd BBQ, meaning  interaction between members is free and easy. The website is populated with upcoming events and the Facebook and WhatsApp groups ensure no one misses out. Some of our members race on weekends which means that anyone can go along as a ‘mechanic’ and share in the excitement of being in the race paddock. All these combined with weekly ride-outs in the summer and the odd weekend jaunt means that the club can be rather a social  place if you’re willing to get stuck in. Even if you have nothing in common with other members, or struggle in social situations, you can always fall back to talking about bikes. And, personally, I can do that for hours.

Inexperience combined with overconfidence is the biggest contributor to the high mortality rate of young bikers. When learning to fly we are placed under the watchful eye of an experienced aviator who passes on wisdom instead of us having to learn the hard way by making all the mistakes ourselves. Biking, like aviation, is very unforgiving of mistakes. So, having a motorcycle club with a spread of experience means that new riders can learn from those who went before making it simultaneously more fun and more safe.

And that is the main reason that I think the Coningsby Motorcycling club is awesome. But if you disagree, I’ll be happy to chat about it over lunch during a day out riding.