Editor’s Foreword Issue 1 2012

Happy New Year one and all and welcome to this first edition of OnetoOne in 2012. I am delighted to take over the role of Editor and would like to start by saying a very big thank you to Squadron Leader Gareth Davies, both for a thorough handover and for all his hard work in making OnetoOne such an enjoyable and informative magazine.

Through Gareth’s direction, OnetoOne aptly reflected a momentous year for RAF Coningsby in 2011 and I hope I can do likewise during what seems set to be another busy year ahead.  Sadly, I also have to start by saying goodbye to Flying Officer Fi Taylor, my Deputy Editor, who will be posted by the time the next edition is published. Fi’s help in producing this edition and the support she gave Gareth has been invaluable;  very many thanks Fi and good luck at RAF Leuchars.  In this first edition, we have tried to reflect on the last year and especially the Christmas celebrations. The festive period began with the OAP’s Christmas lunch, one of the highlights of which was a rendition of 12 Days of Christmas comically acted out by the personnel serving our guests.  Classic Shakespearean acting it was not but orchestrated by our irrepressible Padre Elliott, it proved huge fun for all those watching and taking part.

As we begin 2012 and the season of new year’s resolutions, we felt it would be useful to provide some advice and guidance on Health and Well Being.  With my OC FDS hat on, it’s been fantastic to see so many using the PEd facilities but in a series of interesting articles on healthy lifestyles, Flight Lieutenant Tracey Affleck stresses the importance of rest as well as diet and exercise.  Remaining with Force Development, we have also highlighted 2 important training programmes, the Human Factors Awareness and Aviation Error Management System training plus the introduction of the General Service Respirator which is replacing the S10.  Both are essential training for all Service personnel and everyone is urged to contact FDS admin to book on to courses.

I would like to finish by reflecting on Gp Captain Sampson’s foreword and the Padre’s Piece.  The Station Commander describes the many challenges we will all face in 2012 and this will inevitably bring pressures on us and our loved ones.  I was therefore particularly taken by the Padre’s remarks when he says that, whatever the ups and downs, life is an adventure, full of mysteries and we should make the most of it. As the year unfolds and whatever is in store, I hope OnetoOne can continue to play its part in highlighting all our achievements and the exciting events and opportunities that come our way.


Best wishes


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