Welcome to the Autumn edition of RAF Coningsby’s OnetoOne Magazine. This edition is especially significant for me, not only as the first in my tenure as editor, but it also it marks the passing of my first three months at RAF Coningsby.

On arriving back in May to take command of Ops Squadron I was excited at being given the opportunity to work in the RAF’s premier flying station and I certainly haven’t been disappointed. I have been amazed to see how much activity the station has packed in over this short space of time which coincided with the publication of the last edition of the magazine. I have certainly enjoyed the process of putting this chronicle together. It has given me the chance to meet lots of interesting people working in and around Coningsby who have been achieving some amazing things; be they superhuman endurance events for charity or simply helping to inspire future generations of the Coningsby community. All deserve to be recorded and recognised.

In the process of learning to run a magazine, I have been examining the distribution of this publication and was surprised to discover the breadth of audience it reaches. On station alone, this article will potentially be read by over 2000 uniformed men and women spanning all three services plus hundreds of civil servants and integrated support employees. Copies are distributed widely though out partner firms such as BAE and Rolls Royce, our sister RAF stations and to the highest reaches of the MOD. Just as importantly, hundreds of copies are displayed at key locations in the local community. This forum really is a great opportunity to tell a wide and diverse audience all about what you have been up to and what you planning in the future. If you have a story to tell, a passion to promote, a good cause to champion or an achievement to celebrate I would love to hear from you for our next edition (I don’t want to mention the C word – I’m writing this in late August, but the next magazine cover is likely to have reindeer on the front).  Email me your ideas or give me a call. As always, quality images are the key to a quality article so make sure to contact Sgt Mobbs and his team from the Photographic Section first if you are planning any activities over the coming weeks. It always helps to consider your articles early. In the words of Mark Twain; “it takes me at least three weeks to write a good impromptu speech.”


Thom Colledge

DII: CON-GMB-121 Editor

Email: CON-GMB-121Editor@mod.uk

Telephone 01526 347506