Welcome to the first of edition of OnetoOne for 2013.  Thank you to Sqn Ldr Ian Heath for his excellent editorship through 2012.  He will be a hard act to follow especially as he could spell.  Fortunately, I have some experience of magazine work in the past but that was for a science fiction publication where I could just make it up.  If you want to know how Warp Drive works then I’m your man!

What I have quickly realised in this position is the diverse range of people and activity that happens across RAF Coningsby and it is this that I hope to convey during the year.  To achieve this your contributions will be invaluable and is welcomed from across the Station, families and the local community; and don’t forget your children as they tend to have the most to say!  I know everybody is busy but some go that extra mile to better themselves, their colleagues, support projects and contribute to charities.  If this is you then let me know because we all need to know.  We all see (and hear!) what operates from RAF Coningsby but what about the immense effort required behind the scenes to achieve this?  Use OnetoOne to inform of your role and its part in meeting the Station task.  The publication schedule for this year is for a further 3 editions that should go to print in May, August and December.  With the help of the 2013 Typhoon Display Team I’ve even provided you with an idea on the Front Cover.  The Display Team recently assembled for some publicity photos and took the opportunity to show their support for Red Nose Day 2013.  As Typhoon Display Pilot for 2013, Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris said, “It is great to support such a fantastic charity, who do so much for people both here and overseas.”  So!  What did you do for the 25th anniversary of Comic Relief?  I look forward to reading from you!

On with this edition

The new and hopefully regular Base Support Wing Update article is, for this issue, concentrating on something tangible and close to all our hearts – accommodation.  The Baxter Close upgrade and the soon to be built SLAM accommodation is, well, WOW!  When I was a JT at RAF Lossiemouth over 30 years ago, my bed-space was in a 16-man bunk-bedded room with one wardrobe – and I thought that was normal!  This and the new Capital Purchase SFA houses are clear evidence that modern, functional accommodation is a high-priority and quite rightly so.

Cycling and golf are the sporting features in this issue.  Congratulations to all that were part of the RAF Coningsby 2012 golf success.  If, like me, you require a very wide, flat and open space to play golf then why not get your latex pants on and join the cycling sportive in June?  Road riding and long distance bicycle touring – surely that can’t be too difficult in Lincolnshire?  Or if you’re feeling really fit and wish to be inspired then read the Cycle Track Day article.  I think I’ll stick with eating the lovely looking cupcakes that were made to raise money for Prostrate Cancer.  As the Padre has reminded me with his piece maybe I should have given up the cupcakes for Lent; too late now. He also talks about disciplining children which in my house is quite easy; I say don’t do something, I get ignored, life goes on.

3(F) Squadron have conducted some high-value training in the UAE including the use of live ordnance.  XI Squadron have been in the USA since January and are due back towards the end of March.  We do have evidence in the magazine that they got to Langley and I know they are having a very busy time at Nellis participating in Red Flag, the premier USAF exercise.  29(R) Squadron are preparing for the Lincoln 10 km on 7 Apr continuing their tradition of supporting charities.  They are also very proud to be delivering the Typhoon Display Team while still maintaining a flow of new Typhoon pilots.  Both XI and 29(R) Squadrons are linked with the RAF – French Air Force first exchange pilots.  We all wish both Marc-Antoine Gerard and Matt Johnstone all the best during their exchange tours.

Finally, a visit to BAE Warton proved to be an eye-opening experience for a party of RAF Coningsby engineers.  The sheer scale of the complex and its facilities were memorable for those that attended as was having an improved understanding of the difficulties faced by BAE.

Please do not be shy in coming forward with your articles.  It is your magazine so make use of it!

Regards Bob Jones.