Greetings one and all and welcome to this second edition of OnetoOne in 2012.  It seems only 5-minutes ago I was writing my first editorial in the depths of winter, snow on the ground and looking forward to the ski season.  As I sit here now, the weather has completely changed, it’s glorious outside and summer appears to have arrived early.  I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Fg Off Sam Bennett (OC Standards and Practices Flt) on board as my deputy. Sam has great experience on similar magazines having been editor at other stations and he is an excellent addition to the team. Change is an apt word to start this editorial as it’s the theme of several articles in this edition.  We say goodbye to Padre Sandy Gall who reflects on the huge number of changes he’s seen during his 38 years in the RAF and the need everyone has for constancy. We also say goodbye to our carpenter Ken Mair who has been with the RAF for over 50 years. Ken, who has also witnessed great change over such a long period, is retiring for the 4th time to improve his golfing handicap; good luck this time around Ken!  Perhaps the greatest change has been seen by the Station itself.  During the award of the Stainforth Trophy, Air Chief Marshall Sir Simon Bryant commented on how Typhoon and the Station had come of age in 2011 with all that was achieved on ops and here at RAF Coningsby. The article describing the award is a valuable reflection on all the activities and achievements of personnel during that year with those experiences no doubt standing us all in good stead for more change during 2012. Articles from the front line squadrons and OCU are also prominent and describe their pace of activity as preparations continue for the Olympics and growth of the Typhoon Force.  No doubt XI Sqn personnel are welcoming the chance to top up their Magic Carpet tans given the current weather conditions! On the charity front, I must mention my FS Trg Development, FS Kev Frisby and his team of spinners who pedalled away continuously for 12 hours to raise money for Sports Relief.  Don’t be put off from joining future spinning sessions by Kev’s article and his experience of saddle sores and cramp; its all good preparation for the next block testing period for RAF Fitness Test which is described in an article on the testing policy applied here at RAF Coningsby. Finally, and back to skiing, there are 2 excellent articles from 7 FP Wg and XI Sqn which describe very different versions and experiences of moving around with planks strapped to the feet. The end results are the same though; bumps, bruises, tired limbs, a cup of hot chocolate and a sound sleep. Coming back to the theme of change, some things don’t change. With the sun still beating down outside, I’m off to catch some end of season Spring skiing in Austria.  I wish you all a very Happy Easter, plenty of chocolate (but don’t forget RAF Fitness Test Block testing in April) and a good sun tan.

Best wishes