Welcome to the fifth and final edition of OnetoOne for 2012. This is my last edition as Editor after a year in the role; I am due to take over as PMC and will be handing over as Editor to Sqn Ldr Bob Jones, OC MSF, XI Sqn. As I stand down, I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all those who have contributed to the magazine over the last year, the distribution team, deputy editors, publishers, and not least of all, those who have taken the time to submit articles. In particular, I thank Sgt Keith Park who has been lead Distribution Team and without whose efforts the magazines would not reach their destination. Sgt Park has filled the role for some considerable time and I and the previous Editors are very grateful for his support.
This edition starts with a first foreword from Gp Capt Stringer having recently taken over command of RAF Coningsby from Air Cdre Sampson. In his message, the Stn Cdr reflects on another busy and testing year for stn personnel and looks forward to the challenges we will face in 2013. You’ll also note the Stn Cdr’s photograph which is more informal than his predecessors have used in this magazine and reflects the emphasis and importance the Stn Cdr places on people and family life.
As this is the pre-Christmas edition, its important to highlight Padre Elliot’s words and reflection on the festive period. His references to challenges and change highlight a common factor in many of the articles that have featured throughout the year and the fact that we see success on so many fronts perhaps serves to highlight the importance of team and ethos which are the bedrock of service life. Highlighting success is prominent with the front cover devoted to the achievements of the Stn’s equitation club in the recent RAF Championships; a big well done to involved, not least for having the courage to take up the sport in the first place.
Carrying on the Christmas theme, an important article from MT on road safety is included which highlights the education programme ongoing which aims to highlight how consumption of alcohol inhibits the ability to drive effectively. Clearly an important message at this time of year in particular.
As ever, the edition includes articles from the FL sqns and 29(R) Sqn which review the busy lives sqn personnel lead, their successes and a number of departures. Chief amongst the successes is the selection of Flt Lt Jamie Norris from 29(R) Sqn as the Typhoon Display Pilot for 2013. Many congratulations Jamie from Ed; a short article profiles Jamie’s career and interests and no doubt we’ll see a lot more of him throughout the display season next year.
Running also features prominently in this edition. An article from Ben Saunders on 41(R) Sqn describes his progress in meeting the challenge to run at least 5km every day for 365 days. The challenge is still in progress and its timely to highlights Ben’s efforts for charity as he enters the final stages of this grueling challenge. An article from the Typhoon Training Facility describes how a team of service personnel, MOD Civil Servants and BAE Systems personnel completed a challenge to visit 100 Lincolnshire based RAF stns in 100 days, raising over £2500 for local good causes. The annual Boston Slog is also featured with hardy souls from across the Stn using pedal and foot power to travel between Coningsby and Boston, not for the faint hearted on busy Lincolnshire roads!
Last but not least, an interesting article from Depth Support Sqn describes a staff ride to Luxembourg via some of the battle grounds of WW2 in Northern France and Belgium. Such events highlight the importance of reflecting on the past as we meet today’s operational commitments and with my OC FDS hat on, I would encourage you all to consider organising and/or participating in similar events next year.
And finally, I would like to offer my best wishes to Sqn Ldr Bob Jones as he takes the reins. Please make every effort to provide him with your articles, whatever the event, your input is vital to the continued success of OnetoOne.
Thank you, best wishes and Merry Christmas to you all.

Best wishes,

Sqn Ldr Ian Heath