Editor’s Foreword – Issue 5

Welcome to the fifth edition of onetoone in 2011. This edition has quite a reflective feel to it, with a number of the articles recollecting activity which spanned a period of many months: SEngO BBMF has written a piece on the BBMF highs and lows of the season, which is just coming to an end; the Equitation Club article shines the spotlight on one of the lesser known station sporting clubs, but one which has much capacity to take on new members and offers some great opportunities; and 3(F) Sqn have covered their last few months in support of Op ELLAMY (this article was written before they knew that Typhoon was returning to the UK). In addition I have included a number of articles highlighting many of the charity fund-raising activities that RAF Coningsby personnel have been involved with over recent months. Finally, congratulations go to members of the Station Photographic Section on their fine performance in this year’s RAF Photographic Competition where they picked up a couple of awards, including Sgt Mobbs’, RAF Public Relations Image of the Year. This was much deserved; the Team is very busy all year round but I find that they are always ready to help when it comes to putting another edition of this magazine together and their contribution always adds great value and colour to the magazine.

This edition has marked a change in our editorial team; Flight Sergeant Tony Gordon, who has been Deputy Editor for a number of years, has decided to give someone else a try. Tony, without your contribution the magazine would not have been the quality product that it has been over the years and the job of Editor would have been much more stressful. Thank you for all the time, effort, care and attention that you paid as deputy editor and your contribution and input to the editing process will be greatly missed. I would also like to thank our new Deputy Editor, Flying Officer Fiona ‘Fi’ Taylor for stepping up to volunteer to take over from Tony. Fi is OC Survival Equipment Flight on Station and will be a valuable addition to the onetoone Team.

Please keep the articles coming. In order to meet the publishing deadline for Issue 6, articles should ideally be sent by e-mail to CON-GMB-121 Editor by 11th November 2011. Alternative e-mail addresses for submission are CON-FES OC and CON-FES-SEF-OC. The address for postal submissions is: OC Forward Engineering Squadron, RAF Coningsby, LN4 4SY. If anyone needs to discuss any issues or has any questions relating to the magazine, I am available on 01526 347399.