Editor’s Foreword – Issue 3

Welcome to the second edition of the onetoone magazine for 2011, my first as Editor.  First of all I would like to thank Squadron Leader Rich Cameron for the care and attention shown in editing the previous nine issues.  Rich, along with the rest of the Coningsby onetoone team, always managed to produce a magazine which contained a balanced mix of interesting, informative and well presented articles.

To enable me to maintain standards and ensure that the magazine is truly representative of as wide a selection of the Station population as possible I will be relying on some of you to set aside time from your busy schedules to submit articles.  If you have been thinking about sending in an article but just haven’t got round to it please take the time to do so.  I am happy to provide advice but the basic formula is:- Have you got something interesting to say about what your squadron, section, club or you have been doing?  This can be about primary duties, sporting activities, Force Development, contributions to charitable causes or something of interest to the wider Station community.  If so: draft an article on a MS Word doc; send it to me, my deputy editor or to the BSW-121 Editor mailbox; and if you’re not sure or need some advice either give me a call on ext 7399 or the deputy editor on ext 7788, or send one of us a query by e-mail.

For anyone thinking of submitting an article who hasn’t done so before, my top tips would be: remember that the readership of the magazine is quite broad and diverse and includes the whole Station population, the local community, AFCOs and senior officers higher up the food chain (the next issue will also be sent out to our colleagues in Southern Italy); think what key messages you want to give and try to make your article as appealing to the wider readership as possible; and remember Kipling’s “six honest men” (what, why, when, how, where and who).

I don’t intend to deviate from the current recipe of a combination of regular and occasional contributors but there is room for all.  Accompanying photos enhance any article although please don’t embed them in your article.  I send them separately to the publisher who puts the words and pictures together.  Articles can be up to 8000 characters in length but most seem to fit in the 1000 – 4000 characters bracket.

For the next edition, the closing date for submission of articles is Friday 13th May 2011.  Please e-mail articles to CON-BSW 121 Editor or post them to OC Forward Engineering Squadron, RAF Coningsby, Lincs, LN4 4SY.  I look forward to putting together the next edition with your help.  Many thanks.

Sqn Ldr Gareth Howells


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