Meritorious Service Medal for FS Moody

With an extraordinary career spanning almost four decades that is littered with commendations and accolades, it came as no surprise to those that know him that in August 2021, FS Moody was awarded the much-coveted Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) in recognition of his selfless attitude and unwavering commitment to the RAF.

This limited medal is awarded to military members who have to military members who have “good, faithful, valuable and meritorious service, with conduct judged to be irreproachable throughout”.

FS Moody has been an exceptionally charismatic and admired leader throughout his extremely busy and testing 36-year career in the RAF Regiment. His professionalism, leadership, integrity and outstanding personal qualities have allowed him to enjoy the respect of his superiors, peers and subordinates alike.

During his career he toured Iraq, Belize, Qatar, Jordan and Afghanistan to name a few, many of them high-stress and dangerous environments that have required reassuring calmness and robust leadership to manage the continually evolving situations on operational deployments.

Outside of work, FS Moody has also been a determined supporter in developing the next generation Air Force, organising and executing large scale exercises for local Air Cadet units to foster a fun yet demanding and educational environment.

Many will not be aware that whilst we have all moved through an extremely difficult and challenging period recently, FS Moody has had to battle an enemy far more aggressive than COVID-19.

At first what was thought to be a long-standing back injury revealed itself in the latter half of 2020 to be Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Following his diagnosis (and in typical RAF Regiment fashion!) he put that to the back of his mind and continued supporting RAF Coningsby in their Force Protection requirement throughout the pandemic. All this whilst going through several tests and treatments to bring his condition under control.

His decline in recent months has been difficult for everyone to watch. The process of controlling the disease has been made significantly easier with the station support network and speaking with those that have already adapted to living with MS. This has proven to be FS Moody’s most valued coping mechanism, talking openly and honestly about his condition. He is eager to reassure others that are diagnosed with MS at whatever level, that the support is there to help you through the process.

An incredible career completed by a truly remarkable man, congratulations Scrumpy.

By SGT Simon Bunn

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