O Come all ye faithful, join in and celebrate this Christmas…

As you receive this magazine the Christmas preparations will be well underway.

The street lights are lit, the works party booked, the presents are being wrapped and Santa has his elves at the ready to deploy.  And why not you may ask? Winter is a cold and dark time in which many suffer from depression or SAD syndrome.  If Christmas can lift our mood and bring a bit of cheer then let’s make it so.

However, our cheer at Christmas time is not an escape from life’s grim realities, there will still be the lonely, the hungry, the bereaved and the victims of political and social unrest.  Our people will still be deployed and separated from there loved ones. The recession and its impact will no doubt still shadow many celebrations this year and have the shops beckoning us in with added urgency.

If we measure Christmas by all this we may just have a hangover before it even starts!  But Christmas at its best is the reminder that a child born into poverty in an draughty stable, in a militarised country claimed to be the Son Of God.  Really, is that possible?  Well some may think not and will argue their case with conviction  while others will rebut the arguments with equal vigour.  As for me, well I measure my response not by the arguments but by the way this Christ-child has changed so many lives.    What is the hallmark of His legacy?  Well for me and so many others down the ages, it’s the joy He brings and the Christmas carols reflect this so clearly.


“Joy to the world! the Lord
is come:

Let earth receive her King;

Let every heart prepare
Him room,

And heaven and nature sing,

And heaven and nature sing,

And heaven, and heaven and nature sing.”


May you sing and share His joy this Christmas.

Blessings, Mike Elliott