Travelling round the station in October I was greeted with the news that there were only two pay cheques until Christmas.

This completely new thought on the approaching season gave me pause to think.

The “built in” response that I found myself thinking was that Christmas is much more than spending money and gifts.  However in the harder times that many of us live in now there are thoughts that are almost alien to us: we can’t afford to do that this year,  we can’t manage a present like that.

Christmas is about a gift but one which relates directly to us now, a father gave his son to the world.  A gift that almost certainly involved heartache, probably tears, and no little cost to the giver.  Giving is never without cost.

Any parent will eventually be able to recount the story of letting go of a child to allow them to make their own way in the world.

What could I put under the tree that might make a difference for more than just Christmas this year?  The TV remote (so others can choose)?  A  night’s family ironing (every week)?  A  cherished memory in a photo frame? Nights out as “named driver” (or nights in as baby sitter)?

Blessings for a Happy Christmas

Christmas Services at RAF Coningsby

1st   December – 1000 Christingle

18th December – 1600 Station Carols (at SHQ)

24th December -1500 Crib Service

– 2300 Midnight Mass

25th December – 1000 Family Service


Padre Mark Kennard