Coningsby won an unprecedented 3rd Interstation Challenge Cup Final with a convincing victory over Leeming 84-20 on a breezy but gloriously sunny day at RAF Cranwell.

Coningsby started with aplomb putting 24 unanswered points on the board in twenty five minutes with tries from Kellock, Craig, Ledger and Parkin, all conversions made by Clayton.

Leeming’s Gordon claimed their first points in only the second time they had been allowed to venture into Coningsby’s territory, so commanding was the Coningsby defensive line.

Just before half-time Ledger scored his second as fast hands put him over in the corner.   Some great work by Whitham saw his upper body strength get him over the line conversions again made by Clayton. Despite Leeming taking the game to Coningsby they were unable to make inroads into Coningsby territory. Coningsby’s backs were in no mood to take their foot off the gas and scored three more tries through Kellock, Craig and Parkin to lead 54-4 at the break.

Leeming were first out of the blocks, and but for tackles by Hankinson keeping space between ball and ground, Leeming would have boosted their confidence to unlimited proportions. However Coningsby knocked that on the head and turned the screw as Kellock side stepped his way to score his third. Influential centre Andrade jinked his way through a number of would-be tacklers to get the converted try, closely followed by Craig with his third of the day.

At 60 minutes Whitham made a line break and supplied Kellock with his 4th try.

Leeming did’t roll over and produced their best passage of play with Gordon breaching the Coningsby defensive line closely followed by Boatwright scoring from the kickoff. However, the Leeming resurgence didn’t last long as Hankinson made a cheeky chip over the Leeming line and ran onto the ball which pitched up perfectly allowing a score under the posts.  With some great ball handling and good angles Parkin crossed the line for his 3rd try.

With only ten minutes left on the clock a wonderful individual effort by Kellock gave him his 5th starting from the half way line and putting in a few angled manoeuvres to put down between the uprights for Clayton to put over his 10th of the day. Leeming closed the game with a consolation try from Harrison.

As the clock ticked merrily away Coningsby became somewhat complacent and Leeming’s Harrison took full advantage for a consolation try, Cairns happily converted. The game finished 84 – 20.