Sports Lottery Everyone’s a Winner

What is the RAF Sports Lottery?

The RAF Sports Lottery was set up in 1993 to provide additional funds to those available from non-public sources, such as the RAF Central Fund and Nuffield Trust, to meet requests from individuals, Units, Stations and sports associations for help in financing sporting endeavours in the RAF.

The Lottery is a series of separate and distinct weekly draws where the tickets are selected through the use of a random selector software programme.  Each ticket costs 75p per week and each member may hold a maximum of 5 tickets.

How has RAF Coningsby benefited?

In 2010, RAF Coningsby personnel have won a staggering £62,500 in individual prizes from the weekly prize draws. The 37 lucky winners have included two first prize winners who received a cheque for £6,000 each and five second place prize winners, winning £3,500 each.

RAF Coningsby teams taking part in expeds have benefited from grants in excess of £1,000 from the RAF Sports Lottery. These grants have reduced the personal contributions of those going on expeds. A variety of activities have been funded from cycling in the UK and Ironman competitions in Switzerland, to parachuting in America. However, only those who are Sports Lottery members have benefited from the grants.

Onwards and Upwards

The RAF Sports Board and Sports Lottery are here to help you but we need your support to do so. Enthusiasm is like a ripple on water, it spreads. If all personnel who are not Lottery members were to join with just one ticket, it would generate an additional income in excess of £700,000 each year. This would go towards financing sport and RAF Sport can not exist at its current level of provision without the significant contribution from the RAF Sports Lottery.

Our sincere thanks

If you are a member of the RAF Sports Lottery, thank you so much for your support. It is through the sales of lottery tickets that the RAF Sports Board can support overseas visits, expeds, Sports Association’s kit and equipment, and provide funds for individual athletes at RAF representative level. Membership is open to both serving and retired members of the RAF; if you would like to join or increase your ticket holdings, please contact the Lottery team on 95237 7131 or 7132 (Civilian 01296 65 7131/7132). Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to help people with their sporting endeavours.


RAF Sports Lottery Team, Rm 43 Kermode Hall, ext 7131.