Stn Cdr’s Foreword – Issue 5

As winter approaches and I look at the articles published in this, the fifth edition of onetoone for 2011, it is clear that the summer has been equally if not more productive than the spring period for you all.  For me it is extremely satisfying that the quality I know resides within  Service, Civilian and Industry personnel at RAF Coningsby is reflected consistently through every endeavour whether professional, sporting, charitable or personal.  But we should not take this for granted nor should we hesitate to praise our people whenever we can.  Please be incredibly proud of what you achieve inside and outside of the workplace and don’t be afraid to tell your people so, particularly as it is all being done as we, across the Armed Forces, Civil Service and Industry, feel the impact of the difficult decisions taken within the SDSR.

Operation ELLAMY has ended for the majority of station personnel with the recent return of the final four aircraft.  In reality it is actually the start of a new and challenging chapter for Typhoon – the aircraft and our community of people have proven themselves as a Force that truly has ‘come of age’.  Of course with this comes the responsibility that we must, if called upon, replicate the performance that the Chief of the Air Staff recently described as ‘a fantastic effort that has seen such great results’; therefore, balancing rest and recuperation with rebuilding and the further developing our capabilities must be our focus over the next few months.  I know that it is a challenge that you will all rise to.

It is a great feeling to know that we have the majority of our people back from operations; as we run up towards Christmas, there are many opportunities to get together and put some life back into our work life balance.  Please take the opportunity to catch up with friends, families and colleagues – I certainly intend to do so – it is only with their patience and support that we have been able to achieve what we have over the past few months.

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