Stn Cdr’s Foreword – Issue 4

Welcome to issue 4 of OnetoOne for 2011 which, by the time it reaches your crewroom or doorstep, will see us past the halfway point of 2011. Whilst I cannot speak for everyone, I am sure there are many of you who feel like me – that this year has raced by in a blur of activity, challenges and the occasional impossible task!

I do hope that August gives you all the opportunity to stop for a while, spend some time with family, friends and loved ones and recharge your batteries – please take every opportunity to do so as each and every one of you has more than earned it.

As I travel around your station and talk to your friends and colleagues I am constantly impressed by the professionalism, good humour and keenness of everyone to make life at RAF Coningsby as rewardable as it possibly can be. We could easily fill this magazine with twice as many articles highlighting the sporting, charity, personal and professional achievements of our team and I never lose sight of the fact that everything you read here is in addition to an incredibly demanding and busy day job both here and deployed.

All of this is against the backdrop of some large scale changes in Defence with financial constraints, a drawdown in personnel and a re-organisation of many parts of the RAF and whilst I cannot guarantee that we will be protected from many of these things, what is clear is that the RAF wants RAF Coningsby to lead the continued development and size of the Typhoon Force. Great news as the future for RAF Coningsby is bright but of course, it does mean that our days will continue to be busy and challenging.

It has taken a herculean effort to make RAF Coningsby’s contribution to Defence and the local community so strong and impressive – I know it doesn’t come easily so a huge thank you to all our friends and family who support us constantly as well as all our Service, civilian and industry colleagues who, as you can read in some of this issue’s articles, constantly go that extra mile to make things happen.

Gp Capt Sammy Sampson