Stn Cdr’s Foreword Issue 1 2012


A very warm welcome to the first OnetoOne of 2012.  This edition                 contains a great collection of impressive events and activities that occurred in the latter part of 2011 – it once again highlights just what a vibrant and lively community and Station we live in.

I do have to say that looking through the pictures, and despite knowing otherwise, it does seem like it all happened such a long time ago!!  Understandably, this is the result of the life on a busy frontline station and whilst it is right to celebrate our past successes, it is time now to turn our attention to the events of 2012. Looking ahead, this year is shaping up to be no less challenging: we have a varied exercise programme to ensure that our people are best prepared as possible for whatever is asked of the Typhoon Force; 7FP Wing enter a busy period of preparation for their forthcoming Op HERRICK deployment; we will prepare to play our part in support of Olympic security; with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations the BBMF are looking at an even larger display commitment; and we plan to celebrate the 100th ‘birthday’ of 3(F) Sqn in May and hold an exciting and fun Families’ Day in June.  Of course, this list does not include all of your ‘routine’ business, nor any potential Operational deployments or most importantly, the fact that we will need to do this against a backdrop of significant Service and Civilian redundancies.  Without doubt, our degree of success this year, exactly as in 2011, with be wholly dependent upon the support of our Service, Civilian and Industry colleagues as well as family and friends.  We have a superb ‘family’ within RAF Coningsby and the local community; I look forward to working alongside you all not only as we tackle the tasks and demands of 2012 together but also as we find the time to have some fun along the way!