A Taize service is held in the Station Church every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

This offers a quieter time for meditation and reflection with guided input. The Taize service beginning at 1200 hrs and lasts for no more that 30 minutes. You are welcome to bring your lunch and eat together following the service.  All are welcome.

What is Taize? On a hill in southern France a Christian community of brothers have opened their doors to the world as an act of hospitality. Many young people from around the world flock to Taize each year to pray, be silent, to be simple, to be faithful, to draw closer and deepen their relationship with God.  Taize is described as being like a melodic, holy rhythm rather than than the frenzied pace of every day life.  Three times a day visitors are called to prayer by the chiming of bells.  The prayers are different to what you would expect as the worshippers gather to listen rather that talk. Scripture is read and then left to speak for itself in silence. Simple songs are sung and repeated. In a sense the experience can be described; God speaks and the heart hears.